Safe Switch Duo Pro V2

Safe Switch Duo Pro V2

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This is the NEW Safe Switch Duo Pro V2, still has the same function as the original, but the V2 has a built in 2s LED Lipo Monitor.

Designed for use with 6.6v A123/Life and 2s 7.4v Lipo Batteries, this unit will direct all Battery power to the Rx via 2 x 6" Male to Male, 22AWG Servo Connectors. Simply plug into any 2 Channels on your Rx (Rudder and Gyro Gain suggested), then connect those specific plugs onto the unit for either Direct Voltage (High Voltage setups), or Regulated 5.3v.

This unit works just the same as our regular Safe Switch Duo, on how the voltage is supplied to the Rx, but it has the Igniter built in. The Push Button for the Igniter, Status LED's and Switch to turn the unit on/off can be remotely mounted up to 12" away.  The Switch side now has a 2s LED lipo monitor built in.

Our Remote Switch is a "Fail-Safe" design that fails in the on position.

Unit comes packaged with 2 x 6" Male to Male, 22AWG Servo Extensions.



Suggested Input Voltage: 2s - 7.4v / A123 / Life-6.6v
Current Capacity: 20A
Regulated 5.3v Current Capacity: 3A
Length of RX Lead Plugs: 6"
Length of Battery Input Lead Plug: 4"
Plug Type: Deans Compatible / Universal
Size: 51mm x 30mm x 9mm
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* not intended for use between flight packs and esc's on electric aircraft

* do not leave battery connected to switch for long periods of no-use

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