• Flex Reg Trio Pro

You have asked for it and we have delivered. This is our new CCPM Trio Voltage Regulator. We have combined our Flex Reg Pro, Safe Switch and Igniter all into one unique package, so no need to worry about installation space, as everything is all together.

This unit works just the same as our regular Flex Reg Pro, on how the voltage is supplied to the Rx and Cyclic Servos, but it has Igniter and Safe Switch built in. The Push Button for the Igniter, Status LED's and Switch/Pins to turn the regulator on/off can be remotely mounted up to 12" away from the regulator. There are 2 choices available, Switched Version or Pin Version. The Switch Version has a small Mechanical Switch located on the end of the Remotely Mountable Switch Board or the Pin Version which has a set of pins to short out to turn the unit off (jumper included).

This unit will allow upwards of 11.1v input from an array of battery technologies, (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion and Li-Po). Output Voltage is user adjustable within a range based on the input voltage supplied to the unit. With a 7.4v input, the Voltage range can be set anywhere from 4.8v - 6.5v and with an 11.1v input, you can go upwards of over 8.5v.* The best way to set the Voltage Output is through an already connected Electronic Device (ie... GV-1) that displays Voltage. Otherwise any Volt Meter would work fine.

Pin Version includes Bind Plug for On/Off operation.

Unit comes packaged with 3 x 6" Male to Male, 22AWG Servo Extensions.



Min. Input Voltage: 7.4v
Suggested Input Voltage: 7.4v - 11.1v*
CCPM Output Voltage w/ 7.4v: Adjustable 4.8v - 6.5v @ 10A
CCPM Output Voltage w/ 11.1v: Adjustable 4.8v - 8.5v+ @ 10A
Rx Output Voltage: Constant 5.3v @ 3A
Max. CCPM Amp Rating: 16A
Max. Rx Amp Rating: 5.5A
Heatsink Material: Aluminum
Length of Rx Lead Plugs: 6" Each
Plug Type: Universal
Length of Igniter Leads: 8" each
Glow Driver Plug Type: Alligator Clip / Ring Terminal
Switch Lead Length : 12"
Size: 60mm x 30mm x 9mm
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* for nominal performance, use a 7.4v input voltage

* We suggest that if you are going to be running the output voltage under 7v to use a 7.4v Input. Only if you are going to be running the output at over 7v to use an 11.1v.

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Flex Reg Trio Pro

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