The Night Stalkers Mini LED Night Kit is a great addition to our lineup of Products.

Finally, an LED Kit for Night flying on mini Helicopters. This Kit is suitable for MCPX-BL, 130X, T-REX 250, Blade 180 CFX and similar sized helicopters. Kit comes already made and ready to install on the Helicopter. The ULTRA BRIGHT UV LED for the tail is perfect when using any of the colored tail blades as it illuminates both sides for high visibility and an ULTRA BRIGHT WHITE LED for mounting under the stock canopy. The white LED is very bright and illuminates the entire canopy from the inside. Installation is simple, secure the LEDS and wires using the included 4" cable ties and simply plug the connector into the backside of the 2s flight battery and go fly...

For the Align 150 DFC, 2 wires will have to be soldered to the battery input board, but is very simple to to do.

Kit comes packaged ready for installation.

This kit does not include the LED Blade Kit.


Input Voltage: 7.4v (2s Lipo)
Plug Type: Pins (150 DFC - no connector)
Colors: UV (Tail), White (Canopy
Length: Blade 130X - 16" Tail, 6" Canopy
Blade 130S - 16" Tail, 6" Canopy
150 DFC - 7" Tail, 4" Canopy
80 CFX - 16 " Tail, 6 " Canopy
Download Manual - Blade 130X Kit  
Download Manual - Trex 150 DFC Kit  

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Night Stalkers - Mini LED Kit

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