This is our new Pro Guard + V2, a step-up in electronic backup protection.  The Pro Guard + V2 works similar to the original version and is an active monitoring/switching backup unit that utilizes advanced microcontroller monitoring and switching capabilities. 

The Pro-Guard + V2 actively monitors the main input voltage and when it sees a drop below a safe level, it will immediately switch to use the backup input.  If, or when the main input voltage raises back to a safe level, the Pro Guard + V2 will automatically switch back to the main input source.  The Pro Guard + V2 has some included features that other units available do not have. 

  • A built-in 2s lipo battery charger (up to 1 amp of current), ensures that the backup battery is always charged. 
  • An external switch to turn the Pro Guard + V2 on/off (by default the units backup battery is always on) is now included. 
  • Includes a super bright white led board to indicate when the Pro Guard + V2 has switched to use the backup input. 
  • On-board visual indication of which input is currently active.
  • On-board charge indicator.
  • Input / Output that buses signal for throttle and rpm through the Pro Guard + V2.
  • Built-in BEC backflow protection when running on the aux battery.

Unit comes packaged with 2 x 6" Male to Male, 22AWG Servo Extensions, 1 x Switch with 6" lead, 1 x LED board with 6" lead.



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Main Input Voltage: 2s - 7.4v (from battery or bec)
Aux Input Voltage: 2s - 7.4v
Current Capacity: 20A
Length of Aux Battery Lead: 4"
Length of Rx Lead Plugs: 6"
Plug Type: N/A (bare wire to use preferred connector)
Size: 65mm x 26mm x 10.5mm


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Pro Guard + V2

  • $65.00

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